Aeris Active Spray Bottle and 5Litre Carton

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Aeris Active Blue Title

World leading
hospital grade

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Aeris Active™ has triple action benefits:

Aeris Active™ helps long-term microbial control with its patented quat-polymer  invisible protective film,  ensures that your surfaces remain germ free. The film  does not impact how the  surface is used, leaving the  treated surface cleaner and  safer for a longer period of  time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aeris Active is like no other product on the market. It contain unique patented STABLIZED HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (6% WW) mixed with BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE (2.0% WW). The biocide and virucide in the formula is naturally derived from salt.

Aeris Active is supplied ready to apply in either spray or wipe form. An invisible polymer film (less than 1 micron) coats surfaces and kills bacteria, and many viruses, that come in contact with the protective layer.

This product is has a pH rating of 4 – 7 (neutral) making it safer to apply in your immediate environment compared to bleach products.

Kill time is all important when using disinfectant. Aeris Active can dissolves the lipid fat layer of a virus and kill / disable any virus in a rapid 60 seconds. This means you can be assured that your surfaces are disinfected and cleaned as long as you use a microfibre cloth.

All hard surfaces: 
  – Glass
  – Metal
  – Wood
Soft surfaces:
  – Synthetics (e.g. grip handles in gyms)
  – Vinyl
  – PVC
  – Fabric
Surfaces can be wiped down with water after application and 7 day / 200 touch protective film will remain in surface in normal usage.

You can store Aeris Active for up to 2 years.

No, Aeris Active can clean and disinfect a surface meaning you do not have to clean or wipe surface after or before application. 

We recommend 60 ml per square metre.

Apply Aeris Active with a microfibre cloth or alternatively it can be used in fogging machines and sprayers inc. electrostatic sprays. Its non-corrosive properties mean’s it will not harm mechanical components or foggers or sprayers.

Aeris Active Blue Title

World leading hospital grade disinfectant.